Why supplement with nucleotides?

We have established that our body needs nucleotides.

Were do we get nucleotides from and why do we need to supplement with nucleotides?

  • Recycled nucleotides from worn out or dying cells – salvage pathway.
  • Newly produced nucleotides within the cell synthesized from amino acids or glucose.
  • The food we eat – although our foods no longer contain sufficient nutrients .
  • The most effective source:  A nutritional supplement, such as IntestAid-IB containing scientifically balanced Nucleotides.

Nucleotides are the basic building blocks of our genetic material. Every time a cell divides nucleotides are needed. Weather it is an immune cell that needs to duplicate and then divide in 2 in order to join in the fight against bacteria and viruses. Or cells that need to become more in order to heal a wound. Nucleotides are also involved :

  • in cell regeneration
  • energy supply (ATP/GTP)
  • protein synthesis
  • gut health and forming of the gut lining
  • tissue repair and DNA repair. 

What Nucleotides look like and where you can find them?

Nucleotides need a well-functioning and structurally well developed gut for maximum absorption. In order to create a well-functioning gut you need a varied diet consisting of fresh food combined with regular intake of Nucleotides.

Nucleotides are not “NEW”.

  • They are found in mother’s milk (formula milk is fortified with nucleotides) together with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, trace elements – all the good stuff nature intended for the growth of a baby.
  • They are found in food. Living things contain cells that have a nucleus were genetic material are housed. Once we through the bottle away as a baby we need our own food. We start eating other living organisms (plants and animals) in order to obtain our own nutrition.

The shortage of nucleotides we experience come from the general lack of nutrient dense food in our every day diet. On top of that our high toxic loads as well as pollution and high stress levels increase our need for nucleotides.

We also have excluded foods rich in nucleotides (i.e. small intestine, afval and other organ meats) from our diets and therefore nucleotides have become essential in supplementation. 

So what’s on your plate? 

This picture compares the nucleotide content of a serving of apple vs a serving of liver. A serving of liver has more than 100X the nucleotide content of a serving of apple.   

The nucleotide content in vegetables and fruits are relatively low i.e. in 1kg of dried broccoli there is approximately 1.8grams of nucleotides. 

In beef (and other meats) the nucleotide content is much higher. The highest in organ meat i.e. more than 6 grams of nucleotides in 1kg of dried small intestinal tissue. 

Dietary simplification

We briefly mentioned dietary simplification and can now look at what it is and the effects thereof in more detail. We no longer eat a varied diet consisting of nucleotide dense foods such as offal and other organ meats.

It has now been accepted that dietary simplification along with associating factors including the industrialisation of the food supply chain, is contributing to an increased incidence of preventable chronic diseases. This places an enormous burden on healthcare systems worldwide.

Poor food choices and other contributing factors such as increased general physical inactivity and constant high levels of chemical, physiological and immunological stress are contributing to our problem.

The body can no longer meet the need for nucleotides by the salvage and synthesis pathway alone. Therefore supplementary intake remains one of the few reliable methods of ensuring a good balance of sufficient nucleotides. Supplement your diet with nucleotides in order to maintain the balance.

The minimum optimum daily requirement for dietary nucleotides is estimated to be from 300 – 700mg range for an adult with average body weight of 75kg.

Apart from a healthy varied diet, regular exercise and good quality sleep are some of the best principles for healthy living. There are certain circumstances encountered in everyday life where nucleotides can become “conditionally essential”.

You need less of this 

and more of this

Look after your health. Eat healthy and varied foods in order to maintain the nucleotide uptake needed for proper cell regeneration in the body and specifically the GI tract 


start supplementing with a pure source of nucleotides. The right quality of Nucleotides are important. Therefore we recommend Nutri-tide nucleotides that we import from Switzerland for production of our products. 

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