Why are Nucleotides Important?

Nucleotides are finally being recognized as essential nutrients needed for the production and repair of all cells in the body.

Remember that your body is made up of billions and billions of cells and DNA is found in every single living cell in your body. Your DNA in turn, is made up of billions of Nucleotides.

The Human Body has a relentless demand for new cell production as we are in a constant flow of formation and degradation – stay younger anti aging –  replacing cells that have died – apoptosis (programmed cell death)

Think about it, if you cut yourself accidentally, your body automatically starts  to heal (wound healing) that cut. How does it do that – well part of that process is to create the new cells to repair and heal that cut.

If an organism, like the human body, is to continue living, it must continually create new cells at the same rate that cells are dying. The cells in our body simply do not last forever longevity.

 Just consider your blood for a moment. Red blood cells have a lifespan of around 120 days (about 4 months). This means that your body needs to continually make new red blood cells to replace those that have aged and died

This is true for just about every cell in your body (unfortunately, it is true that your body is not able to produce new brain cells).

All cells in your body that have a nucleus contain DNA.

The formation of any new cell starts with the doubling of the DNA strands (mitosis)  within the cell itself.

Each cell needs to replicate its own DNA before the cell division process can continue. – daughter cells

This doubling of the DNA requires at least 6 billion Nucleotides.

Going back to our example of your blood.Your body is producing around 2 billion new blood cells every day, and each of those cells require 6 billion Nucleotides.

2 Billion Multiplied by 6 Billion = 1 200,000,000,000,000,000…..that is an insanely big number……

In the above example, we have touched on cell multiplication to highlight the importance of Nucleotides in your body.

In short, Nucleotides are hugely important to your body overall.

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