Where do we get Nucleotides from?

We have touched on what Nucleotides are and why they are important to us.

The next element is where we get Nucleotides from.

There are various sources of Nucleotides

  • Your body can manufacture its own Nucleotides from first principles, using basic natural sources and resources. This is known as De Novo Synthesis. This is an extremely slow and time consuming process for the body and is very taxing on your body (it is highly energy intensive at cellular level).
  • In nature, nothing goes to waste and thus your body has the ability to recycle and re-work dead cells. This is known as the Salvage Pathway. Once again this is a time consuming process for the body, requires a lot of energy in your cells and is only around 80% effective.
  • The most important source of Nucleotides is through your diet and food.
Nucleotides in our food

However, Nucleotides are available in very low levels in various food sources within our normal day to day diet; e.g. Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Fish and Milk products.

The food with the highest concentration of Nucleotides is offal (lungs, intestines and kidney). In our modern western diets, Organs are not commonly eaten anymore and they are most certainly not a staple food anymore.

In order to get enough Nucleotides from your diet alone, you would need to eat about 50 kg of Broccoli a day and about 2 kg of raw offal (lungs, kidneys and intestines),per day.

Further to this, the absorption of food based Nucleotides is only about 15% effective, and the Nucleotides found in food are imbalanced for optimum and rapid utilization in the body.

The good news is that you don’t have to run out of fuel!!

All 5 Nucleotides need to be available, in the correct proportion, as required, otherwise the one in short supply becomes the limiting factor…..
A bit like a car running out of fuel. Perfect in every way, except you cannot drive it and get to your final destination.

Nucleotides must be available in the correct form and ratio, and
concentration required by your body

A deficiency in one Nucleotide CANNOT be made up by an excess in another Nucleotide.

As discussed previously, modern diets contain low levels of available Nucleotides.

The final source of Nucleotides is via external nutritional supplements – like the products supplied by NucleoCell Nutrition.

Why use our product?

 NucleoCell Nutrition only uses Nucleotides sourced from a single supplier in Switzerland, and our Nucleotides are in a highly available form (bioavailability) so that they are readily and easily absorbed by the body. This source of supplemented (supplement) Nucleotides is essential for Gut Health and Immunity.

With our balanced formulation of highly available Nucleotides, when added to your diet in a balanced way, they can have a significant effect on your health. Nucleotides that are freely available have a much better absorption rate in your gut (intestine) and the absorption rate has been shown to be as high as 80%.

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