Would you like to boost your immune system? It sounds like a great idea but it’s more important to maintain and strengthen your immune system by providing it the correct vitamins like the B-Vitamins, Vitamin C and E which are powerful anti-oxidants.

Some trace elements such as certain Minerals, as well as Amino Acids like Lysine and Glutaminethe most critical part are nucleotides – the building blocks of our genetic material. How else would your immune system be able to build more cells and provide the energy needed to fight off viruses and bacteria?

Nucleotides are critical for the whole immune response and we need to supplement as our diet no longer provide sufficient quantities of nucleotides.

Nucleotides are produced and sourced in Switzerland by Nucleocell Nutrition and now available in store, ask for the NT-Immune with the blue Label today! 

NT-Immune® is a nutritional supplement that supports the immune system through a combination of specific vitamins and amino acids fortified with Nutri-tide™ nucleotides

Nutri-tide™ nucleotides are a unique blend of balanced nucleotides that are the building blocks of our DNA. Nucleotides are also involved in all processes within the cell such as protein synthesis, DNA repair, mitochondrial function, as an energy carrier in the form of ATP/GTP, hormone cofactors, as well as whole cell regeneration.

Regular intake supports:

• optimal functioning of the immune system
• coping with stress
energy supply ATP/GTP
vitality and wellbeing

Brought to you by: NucleoCell Nutrition – Nutrition for your DNA

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