Healthy Digestion is all about Surface Area

Remember that we said earlier about being what you absorb and not what you eat? Let’s continue along those lines…

The surface area of an average human’s skin is approximately 1.5 – 2sqm, the surface area of the lungs are 50-75sqm and the surface area of the villi, crypts and micro-villi in the human small intestine is approximately 250sqm. That is similar in size to a tennis court used for playing doubles matches. Imagine the amount of cells that cover such a surface area and these cells are replaced every three to five days at a rate of 3.2 billion nucleotide pairs per cell.

The lining of our intestines is covered in small fingerlike protrusions that are called villi. They increase the surface area of our gut to enable better absorption
The villi look almost like the tentacles of an anemone as shown in this picture with the clown fish

This lining is replaced every 4-5 days and the number of cells needed to replace this surface area would cover half a tennis court. Imagine the trillions of cells that are needed to be formed to replace all the tissue of the villi.  Even more important, imagine the amount of building blocks that need to be supplied to build each of these trillions of cells? (as there are 6 billion nucleotides in every single cell of our bodies).

Nucleotides are these building blocks and need to be supplemented as our diet no longer provides sufficient quantities of nucleotides.

Constant high stress levels and inadequate sleep worsens the shortage.

We have formulated a supplement that provides these nucleotides together with B vitamins and other essential ingredients such as Amino Acids that work together towards repairing the cells of the gut. 

IntestAid IB

Ask for the bottle with the PURPLE label, for optimal gut health!!


Nucleotides are produced and sourced in Switzerland by Nucleocell Nutrition and locally manufactured Products are now available in health stores in SA or online

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